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       Conqueror Milling Company

212 Sutton Street Cootamundra NSW

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SPPHA NSW Foster and Training Horses are proudly sponsored by Conqueror Milling Company

Conqueror Milling Company has been manufacturing high-quality stock feed and vegetable protein meal for a range of Australian and international markets since 1984. They  provide professional and personalised customer service, backed by expert knowledge. Our overriding goal is to provide a service that consistently meets or exceeds our customers’ specified needs and expectations.

Conqueror Cool & Healthy Horse Pellets

Conqueror Cool & Healthy Horse Pellets have been formulated for all classes of horse. Our foster and training horses thrive on the pellets providing cool energy without the fizz and help maintain condition. With no whole grain, these pellets provide your animal with the required protein and energy levels to keep your horse performing. With both zeolite and glucosamine in the formulation, it gives a natural boost to the overall health of the animal. This pellet is an excellent base pellet for all feeding regimes.

Conqueror Cool & Healthy Horse Pellets contain high quality raw materials, including mill mix, faba hulls, oat hulls, lime, salt, glucosamine, zeolite and a monogastric vitamin premix. This stock feed has been produced under strict quality control standards.

For more information on Conqueror Cool & Healthy Pellets, or other Stock Feed they provide visit

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