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Horse Registration

Registration provides official identification of the horse, which may be requested for equestrian competitions and/or breed classes by event/show committees. It may also identify a person as the owner/lessee of a horse. Please note the following in regards to registration with SPPHA NSW:

  • Applications for registration will only be accepted from financial members of SPPHA NSW.

  • There is no limit to the number of horses that may be registered except for junior members, where the limit is 2 horses.

  • Registration is for the life of the horse.

  • Registration issued by another Standardbred association is acceptable and additional registration with SPPHA NSW may not be required contact us to discuss.

Download SPPHA NSW Horse Registration Form HERE today to become become apart of the action!!


Further Registration Information 

For horses under the SPPHA NSW adoption/placement program, registration will automatically occur at the end of the lease period as part of the transfer process.

Definitions of registration, eligibility for competition and requirements for association membership may differ with other Standardbred associations. Please check with these organisations to confirm their requirements if competing under their rules.


Partbred or Unbranded Horse Registration and Registration Transfers


SPPHA NSW has run a registry for Purebred and Partbred Standardbreds for more than 20 years. Please contact us for further information on the following types of registration:

  • Transfer of Registration (change of ownership where horse is already registered with SPPHA NSW or other SPPHA).

  • Unbranded Purebred Standardbred registration.

  • Partbred Standardbred registration# .

SPPHA NSW will not enter into any disputes over ownership/registration of a horse.

#Please note that there are currently no Partbred Standardbred classes at shows in NSW; classes may be available in other states.

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