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Horses to donate

If you have a Standardbred that you wish to find a home for and adopt out, either email us 

or phone us on 0499 713 103 leave a message and Horse Placement will call back as soon as they are able.

You will be asked some questions that will provide SPPHA with information about the horse so that we can endeavour to make a successful match with a member looking for a horse. Questions like:

  • Name (both HRA registeredl and paddock/stable)

  • Height

  • Age

  • Colour

  • Sex

  • Have they ever been ridden?

  • Any behavioural info - are they bossy in the paddock, can they be hard to catch, would they be okay for a beginner, or will they be better with someone with a bit of experience etc. None of this counts against the horse, it just helps us match up a person with a horse.

  • Any past injuries - again, this doesn't count against the horse, it's for matching people and horses e.g. a horse that may have had a tendon injury in the past is probably not going to be given to someone who wants to start endurance riding.

We put the horse on our list for placement. We review adoption applications as they come in. If we think we have a match, we give the person your phone number and they make contact with you to come and look at the horse. If the member decides to take the horse, the person adopting confirms with us - we then send out a donation contract to the trainer/owner. We do ask for HRA papers, but these are for SPPHA records only - they are not given to the adopter so the horse cannot be raced again.

The horse becomes the property of the SPPHA, the lessee has the horse on a 12 month free lease, with 2 vet checks, and then if everyone is happy, the horse is transferred into the legal ownership of the new owner.

We try and place horses as quickly as possible. However, it does depend on demand. You will need to keep the horse until such time as a home is found for the horse.

Even if you put a horse on our books, you are welcome to try and place the horse yourself. If you want to try and sell the horse, that's fine too. We just ask that you let us know if the horse is no longer available for adoption.

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