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The SPPHA NSW membership year runs from July to June.

You must be a member of SPPHA NSW in order to adopt a horse.

There are three categories of membership open to NSW/ACT residents:

  • Full Membership: Available to individuals. New Single Membership $54.00 / Yearly Renewal $44.00

  • Family Membership: Available to a group consisting of a minimum of one adult and related minors, or one adult and partner, or two adults and related minors. A Family listing enables recognition of individuals for eligibility for SPPHA High Point Showing, Dressage, Endurance, National Competitions, Sponsorship and Personal Accident Insurance. New Family Membership $76.00 / Yearly Renewal $66.00

  • Junior Membership: Available to individuals under 18 years of age. New Junior membership $37.50 / Yearly Renewal $27.50.


If you let your membership lapse you will be required to re-apply under a new membership.


Members must abide by the SPPHA NSW Constitution (Rules and Regulations) which can be found here.


All SPPHA NSW memberships are now renewed online via Nominate by clicking here.

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