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NSW Harness Rehoming Off The Track Series 5

Welcome to The NSW Harness Rehoming Off The Track
Series 5 for 2021-2022

Our Series is run entirely online via video submission

How does it work?

1. Download the Rules and Entry Form

2. Email your entry Form to

3. Qualifiers will be advertised through social media, email and this website.

4. To enter join our Facebook Group NSW Harness Rehoming Off The Track Series 5 2021-2022

5. Submit your video into the current Qualifying folder

The NSW Harness Rehoming Off The Track series is to promote Standardbreds as Pleasure Horses upon their retirement from their traditional role of Harness Racing. This will be the Fifth Series run in New South Wales and focuses on the transition made from Harness Racing into show horse for Standardbreds. NSW Harness Rehoming are a part of Harness Racing New South Wales and are committed to the welfare of our Standardbred horses, before, during and after their racing life.  We are extremely excited to continue promoting this series with NSW Harness Rehoming and Harness Racing New South Wales  promoting the breed in the broader equestrian community.

The Standardbred Pleasure and Performance Horse Association of New South Wales are honoured to have a close working relationship with Harness Racing New South Wales for numerous projects since 2016 promoting Life After Racing, including the Harness Racing New South Wales Off The Track Series. Now working alongside NSW Harness Rehoming it has allowed the strength of the two Companies to ensure that the standardbreds will be taken care of during and after racing.


  • Open to all Standardbreds that are freeze branded with Harness Racing Australia or Harness Racing New Zealand.

  • The Standardbred must be 3 years and older to enter.

  • Standardbreds must use their registered racing names, if they are unnamed they need to need to be shown as such. Alternatively,they can use their registered name with SPPHA NSW.

  • Once a Standardbred has been awarded Champion OR Reserve Champion in a qualifying class that horse is no longer eligible to enter another qualifying class.

  • Exhibitors DO NOT need to be a member of the SPPHA NSW to compete.

  • Champion or Reserve Champion winners at one of our Series Qualifiers are expected to participate at the  Final to be held at Tamworth Paceway on March 12th 2022.  DO NOT ENTER IF YOU DON'T INTEND TO COMPETE AT THE FINAL.

  • Champion Qualifier rugs will be awarded at the Grand Final ONLY and rugs will be ordered on receipt of entry fee.

  • It is the Horse that qualifies not the rider. If the horse is sold during the series the new owner should be informed that the horse has qualified by the previous owner.

  • If the qualified horse is injured then a vet certificate will be required to forfeit the horse's attendance at the final.                                                                                                                                                                                       

  • ¨ If a Competitor qualified in the previous year and did not attend State Titles without advising us/or providing a veterinary certificate and a reasonable reason they will not be permitted to enter this series.

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