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Conqueror Milling Company has been manufacturing high-quality stock feed and vegetable protein meal since 1984. They  provide professional and personalised customer service, backed by expert knowledge. 

Conqueror Cool & Healthy Horse Pellets have been formulated for all classes of horse. Our foster and training horses thrive on the pellets providing cool energy without the fizz and help maintain condition. With no whole grain, these pellets provide your animal with the required protein and energy levels to keep your horse performing. Conqueror Cool & Healthy Horse Pellets contain high quality raw materials, including mill mix, faba hulls, oat hulls, lime, salt, glucosamine, zeolite and a monogastric vitamin premix. 

Harness Racing NSW has been a major sponsor of SPPHA NSW for many years. Their most notable contribution is their support of our Annual Off The Track Series. They are avid supporters of Life After Racing for our Standardbreds, continually supporting us in our efforts to rehome and promote them as pleasure and competition horses.


Founded in 1902, Club Menangle is the longest-running harness racing club in Australia and are a major sponsor of our SPPHA NSW State Titles. We are incredibly grateful for their support which allows us to put on an amazing show. Club Menangle puts an incredible amount of effort into promoting Life After Racing, holding numerous Retired Racehorse showcases to spread the word about how amazing Standardbreds are. 

NSW Harness Rehoming Company are the Official Sponsors of the NSW Harness Rehoming Off The Track Series 2022/2023.

NSW Harness Rehoming are a newly established company that endeavours to prolong the lives of our beloved Standardbreds after racing. Horses are placed with Official Rehoming Trainers to be educated under saddle directly from the Trainers.

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Thank you to our Titanium Sponsors

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