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Karen Hocking

I joined SPPHA a bit over 6 years ago now when I adopted my first Standardbred, Haydon Holmes NZ in October 2012. I had not been around horses for more than 23 years and had heard great things about them (after having a bad experience with purchasing my first horse - not a Standardbred - long story).

I was on a camping trip with family over Maitland way on that October long weekend so got to meet Haydon before confirming I would take him - it was love at first sight and I organised transport as soon as I got home :) He is a huge horse with a gentle soul and I started him under saddle myself (with some assistance from my son and a local trainer) - not something I ever thought I would do - I've been pretty nervous around horses my whole life due to some bad accidents as a teen.

Haydon has competed in some led classes in local shows in the first couple of years that I had him but showing is not something that we enjoy (too stressful lol) - I take my hat off to those that do it, it is so much work to have a beautifully turned out horse - Haydon is not a fan of fussing and