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Lauren Tritton

I have only recently joined the SPPHANSW but have had horses all my life.

I started off horse showing from the age of 3 and competed at Grand Nationals and Royals up until I was 16 years old.

I then left School at an early age To fulfil my dreams of becoming a harness racing driver.

Where things really hit off with me being a successful female trainer/driver winning over 800 races 10 Group One races and multiple premierships.

My husband Shane and I have 40 horses in work and I strive to be the best I possibly can with the amount of horses come and go in my stable I do everything I can to make sure that if they are not good for racing anymore they have the best possible and suitable home they can which is where I found the sppha they do everything they can to help me out with horses needing to be rehomed.

With the amount of work and travelling I do it is near impossible to have any hobbies outside of harness racing, but I will always make time for a special little stallion called Smarty!

Smarty is a bay stallion that came to me a few years back he had some real attitude with a great personality of rug ripping ball chewing and cone throwing.

Smarty only had a short time with Tritton racing only having one start for one win, after the race suffered a slight sickness resulting him leaving Tritton racing and going back home to spend some time recovering. Smarty then had a few more starts for his owners soon after they made the hard decision to retire smarty from racing.

After months in the paddock his owners and I were in contact with about what the fat beautiful stallion was up to with the reply of just getting fatter.

A few weeks after our conversation and a 10 hour trip from Melbourne Smarty joined Tritton racing again but for a different reason..... For show preparation!

It took only 2 weeks and we were off to our first show his eyes could have fallen out of his head he didn’t know what I had gotten him into but with his will to win and his great personality as a stallion he has now competed at five shows bringing home broad sashes in both led and ridden.

Smarty is now qualified for Sydney Royal and will compete at this years state championships.

We can’t wait to see what smarty will do for us in the future as everywhere he goes he receives lots of positive comments.

I would just like to thank everyone who supports the sppha I feel great knowing that there are people that are so willing and caring for this amazing breed to have a good life after racing.

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